Royal-Feeling Gems are Having a Moment

All the ladies and lords in attendance at the coronation of King Charles III earlier this year broke into their ancient vaults to gild themselves with storied jewels and state-specific insignia for the occasion. Now, months later, a frenzy for royal- and military-style jewelry is percolating, fueled by the ascending popularity of tiaras and designs that incorporate iconic symbols such as crosses, leaves and ivy, and stars. The new crop of bold, gem-laden jewels aren’t always vintage-inspired; updated takes on military awards and decorations—from lapel pins to signet rings—are the order of the day. How to make the trend your own? Skip the capes and sashes and pair these grand gems with a white t-shirt and jeans for a thoroughly modern take on sovereign style. 

Verdura pendant
Verdura Byzantine pendant-brooch necklace with black spinel, rubellite, ruby, sapphire, and emerald in 18k yellow gold; $35,000
Margery Hirschey earrings
Margery Hirschey Emerald earrings with rose- and brilliant-cut diamonds in 18k yellow gold; $24,500
Ole Lynggaard tiara
Ole Lynggaard Wild Rose tiara with diamonds, amber, and moonstones in 18k yellow gold; $22,600
Elizabeth Gage Brooch
Elizabeth Gage Henry VIII Arcadia pin with a silver groat coin, Biwa pearl, diamonds, and enamel in 18k yellow gold; $21,450
Buddha Mama Star pendant
Buddha Mama Star pendant with green tourmalines, diamonds, and enamel in 20k yellow gold; $30,000 (chain sold separately)

Top photo: Elizabeth Locke 19k gold Maltese Cross brooch and pendant with amethyst, aquamarine, pink tourmaline, and pearls, $8,150