The Latest Chandelier-Style Earrings Are Totally Swingin'

As fashion trends move towards all things 2000s (goodbye, '90s!), we're also seeing the return of chandelier-style earrings, which were all the rage in the early part of the decade. The style's comeback feels sophisticated, and with holiday parties afoot, also timely. 

"Chandelier earrings mirror the movement of the head catching the light—some argue that they are the most seductive form of jewelry," Italian jewelry designer and brand founder Marco Bicego tells Gem + Jewel, adding, "One of the great things about chandelier earrings is that they are so versatile."

Bicego's latest take on the style, made with amethyst, tourmaline, quartz, and topaz with diamond accents, is from his Paradise collection, and demonstrates the designer's perennial love of the infinite shades of natural gemstones combined with 18k yellow gold.


Marco Bicego earring
Marco Bicego 18k gold with multi semi-precious gemstone earrings, $5860, at

Jeweler Marie Hélène de Taillac suggests that the current resurgence has more to do with the style's joyful nature. "Jewels belong to the ritual of getting dressed, no matter the occasion," she says. "Wearing decadent earrings can brighten even the greyest days. 


Her Dancing Emilie earrings, shown below, definitely warrant their name. She explains, "My pieces of jewelry are always created around the stone. Finding beautiful stones is difficult. These earrings have incredible fluidity. The stones come to life with every movement."


Designer John Glajz had cascading water drops in mind when designing the Muzo X Argyle abstract chandelier style earrings, also shown below. According to the designer, "Chandelier earrings are synonymous with galas, Hollywood red carpets, and regal events. The silhouette pays tribute to the 'princess' within most women."

While designer and brand founder Paul Morelli sees the chandelier style as a classic. "I don't focus on what's popular," he notes. "I love designing timeless pieces, and I think chandeliers are just that."

Paul Morelli earrings
Paul Morelli sleeping beauty turquoise, ruby, and 18k yellow gold earrings, $13,500, at
Buccellati earrings
Buccellati Rete Con Perle 18k yellow gold, and Biwa pearl earrings, $11,000, at
Louis Vuitton earrings
Louis Vuitton Deep Time high jewelry Volcano diamond, spessartite, garnet, platinum, and 18k yellow gold earrings, price upon request at select Louis Vuitton stores, 866.VUITTON, and
Muzo earrings
Muzo x Argyle 'Maya' earrings from the Green Jewel Tradition Collection made from 'no oil' Muzo Emeralds, Argyle pink diamonds, white diamonds, platinum, and 18k gold, price upon request at or
Marie Helene de Taillac earrings
Marie Hélène de Taillac peridot, tsavorite, emerald, and 22k yellow gold earrings, $23,000 at or [email protected]
Margery Hirshey earrings
Margery Hirschey x Gemfields Zambian Emerald Broom 22k recycled gold earrings; similar style available for $4,400 at
lalaounis earrings
LALAoUNIS 18k brushed gold and diamond Aurelia Earrings, $27,000, at