Acid Test: Bright Green is White Hot in Jewelry Right Now

If your taste for jewels has been running sharp lately, it’s no surprise. Green gems in hues
ranging from apple to acid have been showing up everywhere, affording some time in the
spotlight for less traditional fine jewelry stones like peridot and chrysoprase. Good news: these
won’t sour anytime soon.

Retrouvai ring

Retrouvaí Lollipop ring with green tourmaline and chrysoprase in 14k yellow gold, $4,750

Pippa Small earrings

Pippa Small chrysoprase earrings in 18k yellow gold, $1,550

Jorge Adeler necklace

Jorge Adeler raw chrysoprase necklace with diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $24,880

Jared Lehr

Top and above: Jared Lehr Peridot earrings with purple sapphires and diamonds in 18k yellow gold, $48,000

Top and above: Jade Ruzzo Mesa ring with peridot in 18k yellow gold, $6,800

Irene Neuwirth bracelet

Irene Neuwirth chrysoprase and emerald tennis bracelet in 18k yellow gold, $16,860

Fry Powers ring

Fry Powers set of three tsavorite and enamel rings in 14k yellow gold, $4,050