Shopping for teenagers can be risky business. That’s why so many of us resort to gift cards (better than buying the wrong thing and getting the dreaded eyeroll)! But if you’re shopping for a jewelry lover, we’re about to make things a lot easier for you. Plus: You don’t have to break the bank to get something super-cute. Fortunately, sparkle comes in all shapes, sizes, colors—and price points.

WithIt Apple watch charms

Even the most ardent Apple Watch lover has to admit that the band is a little, well, blah. Enter WITHit and its collection of emoji-style rainbow-bright, sparkly charm sets. Within each set of four, you’ll find designs such as a rainbow, an ice cream cone, a smiley face, an avocado, an evil eye, a glittery star, and more. Just pop them into the lug holes of a white, pale pink, black, or yellow WITHit silicone band for an instant dopamine boost. $15 for charm sets, $20 for watch straps; WITHit

Teen jewelry Alison Lou cocktail barette

Jewelry doesn’t necessarily mean earrings, necklaces, or rings. A dazzling headband or brilliant barrette—such as this Alison Lou Cocktail Barrette—can make just as much of a statement. Plus: Some schools still have strict dress codes that prohibit students from wearing too many accessories. A hair jewel can subtly add a pop of color and individuality. $85; Alison Lou

Teen jewelry Eliou pearl necklace

Now that Timothée Chalamet, Shawn Mendes, Pharrell, and every other red-carpet trendsetter are wearing pearls, your fashion-forward teen wants a necklace. There’s no cooler choice than a freshwater strand from Éliou, Harry Styles’ go-to brand. And if he has his own pearls, perhaps your kid will stop pinching your pricey akoyas. $250; Éliou

Teen jewelry stud earrings

Your 16-year-old has been clamoring for a pair of diamond earrings. But can they handle something so spendy? Made in 14k gold (no plating!) with natural diamonds, these Dainty by Daniella Karagach earrings start at—wait for it—$99. And don’t be deterred by the Dainty name: Professional ballroom dancer Karagach rehearses in her jewelry, so if they can handle her lightning-speed spins and sky-high lifts, they can handle whatever a high schooler is doing in them. $149; Dainty by Daniella Karagach

Teen jewelry Jam and Rico bracelet

If you’re raising a Swiftie, by now you you’re probably up to your eyeballs in stretchy plastic beaded bracelets. Trade the cheapie concert souvenirs for something made from real gemstones, like this rhodochrosite, turquoise, green onyx, pearl, amazonite, lapis, and mother-of-pearl bracelet by Caribbean-inspired, New York–based Jam + Rico. And at just $55, you can buy one for your bestie too! $55; Jam + Rico

Teen jewelry Malyia McNaughton earrings

Trust us when we tell you that no jewelry box is complete without a pair of hoop earrings. Designer Malyia McNaughton makes these Progression Hoops in sizes ranging from delicate 12 mm to jaw-dropping 77 mm, but we’re partial to the Mini 16 mm Studs, which measure just over ¾ inch—larger than a dime, but smaller than a nickel. And the ultra-cool side-facing design makes them super-wearable with everything from a school uniform a prom dress. $225 in gold vermeil; Made by Malyia

Teen jewelry Jared Lulu Frost

You can’t build a jewelry collection without personalized pieces—e.g., an initial pendant, a birthstone charm—and Jared’s Charm’d by Lulu Frost line is a great place to start. All the pieces are made in 10k gold—the pavé diamond letters are only $500—so it’s accessible, and the charms have that covetable vintage vibe. Chains ($500–$1,000), interchangeable charms ($250–$2,800); Jared x Charm’d by Lulu Frost