Pomellato Drops Chic Reversible Jewelry Collection

Milanese jewelry house Pomellato has debuted a wearable new collection of pendant necklaces and bracelets that are double-sided—offering the wearer two gemstone options in each piece. 

The cute design is based on a button, which has been a signature motif for the brand since it bowed a button-motif necklace back in 1974. Both the necklaces and bracelets are reversible, with each side featuring a different hard gemstone: green malachite and mother-of-pearl, white diamonds and mother-of-pearl, and grey mother-of-pearl and white mother-of-pearl. A gold chain (the thread!) runs through the buttons with one side set in rose gold and the other accented with white diamonds. Flip any of the "buttons" over and you have a different stone and different color.

Pomellato Pom Pom Dot collection
Pomellato's Pom Pom Dot collection is reversible—offering two stone looks in one (all photos courtesy Pomellato)
Pomellato Pom Pom Dot collection

"Every stone in the collection is associated with a powerful, positive force, symbolizing Pomellato’s joyful spirit," the company wrote in a prepared statement. "Malachite emanates a harmonious energy that promotes inner peace and hope. Diamonds bring courage and strength. White mother-of-pearl is associated with well-being and protection, while grey mother-of-pearl reflects qualities of wisdom and patience."